Welcome! Jane at Home is a home and lifestyle blog sharing my love of design, decor, and all things home related.  You’ll find ideas and inspiration for effortless decorating, organizing, and entertaining, as well as my latest projects, current design trends, insider sources & sales, and much more.

As a wife, mom, and interior decorator, I love creating a welcoming home–and gathering family and friends around the dinner table is one of my favorite things.  When I’m not working on my next project or post, you can usually find me in the kitchen or hanging out with my husband and our sweet English bulldog, Baxter.  

I hope this is a place you can come to be inspired–not only by home decor and design, but other aspects of life as well, including cooking, travel, wellness, and parenting.

If this is your first time visiting Jane at Home, here are a few posts you might enjoy:

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